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Home:  Solar for Colorado is an independent brokerage providing services to develop high quality and affordable photovoltaic installations.

Are you interested in solar for your home, business, or non-profit agency, but don't know where to turn?  Would you benefit from having a partner to seek providers for you, ensuring you a choice of benefits and value?  That's what we do!As an independent broker, Solar for Colorado bridges the gap between solar providers and their clients, giving customers peace of mind, knowing their best interests are being met.  We bring substantial, affordable and educational solar systems to school, governmental, commercial, residential, and non-profit entities through a variety of attractive financing models. We fill the niche of an independent partner to bring financers, design/build firms, and the solar consumer together.

Solar for Colorado is committed to promoting solar power as a responsible, and practical, solution to our energy needs.  Our ultimate goal is to inspire and lead future generations to a clean and sustainable energy future.

Solar for Colorado negotiates contracts for small to medium scale photovoltaic installations (2 kW – 1 mW)  through financing models.  Two of these, the  Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) and a Lease Agreement, are fairly new and are ideally suited to the solar electric industry.  These models allow customers to enjoy the benefits of renewable energy with very attractive terms typically unavailable with other financing options.   Initially, the primary target customer will be institutions, due to economy of scale and higher profitability, but residential customers will also be served as interest manifests.  Solar for Colorado provides competitive negotiations between solar design/build/financing partnerships and the host of the solar system (customer).  The contracts will also help utilities meet state mandated Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS), for which there is significant support.

Perhaps most importantly, SfC will help our region move towards a clean, secure, economically viable, and sustainable energy future.  This all factors in to the triple bottom line: People, Planet, and Profit.

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